The Weekend Series #5: From Vietnam Traffic to Delicious Vietnam Spring Rolls

The weekend series 5

Good day peeps,

Let’s do another throwback before all this corona-virus strikes our beloved earth, shall we?

Now, this is a rather long weekend story to share. It all started when my parents came to Kuala Lumpur to visit me. We have planned to have a family vacation to Vietnam on June so Kuala Lumpur will be their transit point before reaching the final destination.

After my parents short stay in Kuala Lumpur, off we all go to Vietnam. Once we reached our destination, everything seems so different. Vietnam looks very mellow and vintage.

One of the most interesting experience I had there happened when I reached Noi Bai international airport. Normally, in Indonesia or Malaysia, immigration staff who checked our passport just left the post after their shift end. However, in Vietnam, they needed to do some kind of a small ceremony to leave their post during the shift change.

Halong Bay 1

Halong Bay 2

Our first destination is Halong Bay. It was definitely the most touristy destination in Vietnam.

Halong Bay trip is full of boat ride to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests. We didn’t go on a cruise, we just hopped on a small boat. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable experience. The boat was clean and the inclusive meal provided was not bad either.

Halong Bay 3Halong Bay 4

The next destination is Ninh Binh where the sceneries are pretty similar with the one we witnessed in Halong Bay but we got to make several stops during our small boat ride. The highlight of Ninh Binh is definitely visiting the “Kong: Skull Island” filming location.

After visiting Ninh Binh, we continued our journey to one of the most popular city in Vietnam, Hanoi. It is definitely an interesting city full of delicacies. We definitely have a very satisfying foodventure here. My personal favourite food in Hanoi is “Bun Bo Nam Bo” which is a rice noodle dish topped with beef, mixed vegetables, nuts and that delicious sweet and sour sauce. Another great food to try is “Pho Bo” from phở 10 lý quốc sư, Bahn Mi and obviously the fresh and fried spring rolls. Yum!Hanoi

If you are feeling more adventurous, give the egg coffee a try. It was definitely a great local delicacy and believe me you won’t regret trying that extremely creamy coffee. Plus, it doesn’t taste eggy at all. I tried mine in the famous Cafe Giang.

After Hanoi, we went to Sa Pa. A colder area in Vietnam compared to the other cities I visited there. It was definitely a beautiful city and I personally like it a lot here. The view in Sa Pa looks like European cities scenery but in reality, it is in Asia.

Sa pa

Before we went to our last destination, we visited Hoi An, an ancient town in Vietnam. It was a unique place that made you feel like you are being brought back to the 90s. Definitely a cute vintage looking area filled with lantern everywhere. It’s such a shame that I didn’t stay until late night where the lantern is lighted. It must have been a very breathtaking scenery.

My last destination in Vietnam is Da Nang. I don’t know why I lost the footages from my time in Da Nang.

However, my 2 days visit in Da Nang went pretty great. We enjoy fresh seafood and a peaceful walk at the beach. We also went to the famous giant hand bridge at Sun World Da Nang. It was definitely a memorable experience with my family.

Lastly, if you asked me if I ever wanted to went back to visit Vietnam again, I think in the meantime, I might not want to. It’s not because I didn’t enjoy my visit there. Despite the bad traffic, I really enjoy the sceneries there. However, there are plenty of other places that I enjoyed more than Vietnam and other countries that I’ve never visited before. Therefore, I think in the time being, Vietnam won’t be in my travel itinerary again.

Thank you for reading folks! I hope you enjoy reading another one of my travel journal and see you in the next post.



The Weekend Series #4: Sunday Brunch in Bangsar

The weekend series 4

Hi peeps!

It’s been a while since I last wrote here. I hope everyone is well, healthy and most importantly, staying safe at home. 2020 has been such a weird year for everyone. I can’t believe that it has only been 3 months plus in 2020. It definitely feels longer than that with all the COVID-19 pandemic and recession going on.

It’s obviously easy to feel under the weather during such a weird time like this. So I feel like a little throwback on the good times I spent on several weekends last year will be a good thing to do.

After my trip to Bangkok last year, I definitely feel the need to save up and stay at home as much as possible. I spent almost the whole month of May 2019 cooking and staying at home. I also took this time to explore one of my favourite neighbourhood in KL which is Bangsar.

On Saturday night, one of my best friend Rianti decided to have a sleepover at my place and we decided to have a brunch the next day. We want to find an insta-worthy brunch place so we can take a nice picture as well. Hence, we decided to have our brunch at Acme Bar & Coffee in Bangsar area.


After ordering our food at the cafe, we decided to take some pictures which turned out pretty good. The place has this unique white brick wall which provided the place with this minimalist yet vintage look. Me and my friend were both happy with how the pictures turned out.

Untitled designUntitled design (1)

The place served good food and have a good ambience. A recommended place to catch up with your folks over coffee or tea. The salted egg fried dish is really tasty and totally recommended for you to try.

Sunday brunch situation

After having our meals, we wanted to explore around Bangsar area but sadly it was raining very heavily. We ended our weekend exploring right there and decided to went home and relax before Monday blue strikes again.

On the positive note, I believe that this corona virus pandemic will definitely come to an end and I cannot wait for that time to come. I really missed my travelling, food hunting and cafe hopping moments.

Let’s wait patiently together for the time to come and stay at home for your loved ones and your personal safety. Additionally, we can use this time to reflect and do some productive things that we love at the comfort of our own home.



The Weekend Series #3: Bangkok, A City That Never Sleeps

The weekend series 3

Hello everyone! How have you been? I hope everyone is doing great.

For this week’s getaway idea, I’m throwing back to April 2019, earlier this year which happened to be Songkran festival. One of the biggest festival celebrated in Thailand.

It was an exciting experience that I got to enjoy with my friends. Our journey starts on Friday night. We leave after office hours and arrived in Bangkok around midnight.

After unpacking our luggage at our Airbnb, we decided to join the hype in the city, grab our water gun and join the festival. As a city that never sleeps, everyone was still playing with water everywhere around the city. It was late at night, we were all cold and drenched but nevertheless happy to blend in with the spirit of locals during Songkran.

The morning after, since it’s weekend, we decided to go to the Chatuchak Market that only opens on weekend. It was a sunny day and we get to try variety of local food as well as shopping. As what my housemate told me before I visit Bangkok, you can get everything from head to toe here with really cheap price as well. Bangkok really is a shopping heaven 🙂

After filling up our tummy, me and 2 of my friends decided to get a thai massage. A trip to Thailand is definitely not complete without a traditional Thai massage. It was a really great and relaxing experience after a tiring day walking under the sun.

Later that night, we went to Rot Fai Train Market and decided to have dinner at Crazy Shrimp. The seafood was okay, it was not the best one I had in my life. However, if there is one place you can go to try local Thai food, it’s Rot Fai. The market is so big and full of selections of food that you will be confused which one you should have.

After filling up our tummy with all the Thai food goodness, we decided to go to the water music festival. It was another fun night in the city that never sleeps indeed.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The next day, I venture out of Bangkok with my Thai friend to the city of Ayutthaya. I visited the old temple of Wat Mahathat. Before we reached the temple, we decided to have lunch at a local seafood restaurant (I really cannot read the name of the restaurant) but it was one of the best local food and seafood I had in Thailand. The prawn was indescribably good. After lunch, we went to Wat Mahathat which turns out to be a nice and unique temple. A really great spot for taking instagram worthy shots.

Aside from the temple, I also visited a local cafe, Bank Kao Nhom, offering local desserts. It’s my first time trying butterfly pea drink. Never thought I’m going to enjoy that drink but it was so refreshing I really love it.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

After a hot day under the sun, I’m ready to chill with a glass of cocktail and good view of sunset. We decided to pay a visit to Sala Ayutthaya. A really cute hotel with awesome architectural design. The view over the restaurant/bar there was really nice too. If you ever come and stay in Ayutthaya, I recommend you to stay one night at this place. It’s such a shame that I didn’t get to stay there because my trip to Ayutthaya is only a day trip.

My last day in Thailand was spent roaming around the city area and enjoying my last few hours there before returning to reality (read: work). I’ve visit Bangkok before when I was in primary school. However the city changed drastically and I love it more than ever. Another trip to Bangkok is definitely planned on my travel list because once is never enough for Bangkok.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Hope I give you a new idea for a weekend getaway!



The Weekend Series #2: Langkawi, A Short Getaway

The weekend series 2

Pristine blue water and white sands getaway that doesn’t break your bank account (depending on what you did and where you stayed of course). That is probably what best describe a Langkawi getaway is. A good break indeed from the hustling city life in KL.

Once we touched down from KL to Langkawi, me and my girls were starving so bad. We had a short grab ride from the airport to our hotel to put our luggage before having our lunch. Head out to an Italian/Mexican Restaurant nearby our hotel and have to say the pizza was not bad.

The first day was quite chill as we were only planning to went for duty free shopping and laying around on the Cenang beach sippin’ our drinks and having ice cream while we witnessed the golden hour. There are so many duty free shops here that sells chocolate, perfume and alcohol in way cheaper price than in KL. So don’t forget to spare some time to do so shopping here.


The transition of the sky color is too beautiful that we just have to take some pictures. A much needed view to release our stress from the day to day workload.


The next day, we headed down for island hoping. We booked the travel service with our hotel (you can find travel service all over the city) on the previous day to take us down to the port to send us to several small islands by boat. The trip down to the island was amazing and it was good to finally get on the water.


Our first destination was Dayang Bunting Island (The Pregnant Maiden Island). There were lots of monkey that can jump scare you and took your belongings here (especially food) so be careful.



Afterward, the guide took us to an island where we can watched some eagles. Eagles are the trademark of Langkawi island and there are a lot of that creatures there.

Our next destination was probably the most exciting one, it was Beras Basah Island. We were just so happy to finally see pristine clear blue water and white sands. Finally dipping our toes in the water here.


We end the night with feasting on sea food and honestly it wasn’t as expensive as what I expected it to be and taste good as well. This trip is a much needed one as we were all so mentally exhausted from our daily job.

Here are some breakdown on the estimated total budget I spent in Langkawi for 3 days and 2 night trip (rounded numbers). I feel like I am always checking on this stuff before heading down for vacation as it is quite important. So I’m sharing it here and hopefully it will also be useful for some of you out there who are planning on making their way to Langkawi for vacation.

  • Airplane Tickets (round trip): MYR 241/ USD 58
  • Hotel (2 nights): MYR 230 / USD 55
  • Transport (Grab): MYR 10 / USD 3
  • Island Hopping Tour: MYR 60 / USD 15
  • Food: MYR 130 / USD 31
  • Shopping: MYR 110 / USD 26

There you go, hope I give you a new idea on where you can spend your next getaway at. See you another week on the next weekend getaway idea 🙂

The Weekend Series: Introduction

The weekend series

Hello beautiful people!

Starting from this week, I’m going to start a series called “The Weekend Series“. This series will include new events and places that I’ve explored and my honest opinion about it. It’s not limited to Kuala Lumpur only as I might travel to other cities or countries on the weekend.

Since my weekdays are dedicated for my full time job, I need to use my weekend wisely to check out interesting events/places. I hope this series can help you guys to find an idea of what to do besides netflix and chill at home on the weekend (trust me sometimes I want to just chill as well).

So my weekend usually starts from Friday night after work. I’d either go have some dinner/drinks with my colleagues or just cook and chill at home. Both things that I totally enjoy doing. However, for this week, I did something quite different from my usual routine, I went to Honne Concert in KL Live. The concert was pretty different from what I expected it to be. It wasn’t as big as the previous concerts I’ve been to. The concert was quite small and intimate with audiences singing along most of the time when Honne was performing. Seriously, me and my friends were joking the whole night on how this concert was like a big crowd singing karaoke together.


I went to the concert quite early. The concert starts at 8PM and I leave work at 7 and arrived at the venue around 7.45PM. After changing the tickets for the wristband and getting some snacks, me and my friends go straight to the concert area. There is an opening band singing for 30 minutes before the actual show starts.

Sadly, I didn’t manage to take any picture with my camera during the concert since I didn’t bring my camera and it also just happened that my phone was broken and still at the service center during that day. However, you are more than welcome to check out my Instagram page and see the story I took and posted with my friend’s phone (special thanks to my friend who saved my life by lending her old phone to me for the week).

So if you are wondering what do I think about the concert, I think it was quite okay. I like Honne but I’m not exactly familiar with all their songs. I only like couple famous songs from them that you’d probably know as well like Day 1, Me and You and Warm on a Cold Night. Hence, the first half of the show when they didn’t sing the song was pretty boring for me. Not to mention, I guess there is some problem with the sound system because I kept on seeing the back end crew coming out and checking it. The second half of the show was quite interesting because Honne performed all those famous songs that me and my friends knew so we can actually sing along to it.

Afterwards, we went to El Toro Loco, a Spanish tapas and bar. The food here was okay I guess but pretty pricey. However, the Sangria is definitely a win for me. It was really good and complete the wonderful Friday night experience.

After reserving Saturday for a rest and recovery day, I’m ready to do some exploring again on Sunday. Me and two of my friends decided to do some catch up and work while having some brunch in a place called “Breakfast Thieves” in APW Bangsar area. This is one of the most recommended place for brunch when I searched for brunch place on Google. This place is originated from Melbourne, Australia and the one I went to is the branch they opened in KL.


The place is surely crowded with people looking for a hearty and warming breakfast on a late Sunday morning. The food here was quite good and the one I ordered is Mr. Terry Benedict, a toast topped with spinach, poached egg and finally the star of the show, 24 hours braised Aussie beef plus extra crunch from the kale chips and renkon/lotus root chips. It was so good and pretty filling for lunch. I also ordered a cup of iced macchiato because I thought it will be a good cuppa since this is an Australian brunch cafe but it was not as good as I expected it to be. Maybe I should just stick to my matcha next time.


My friends ordered a croissant with scrambled egg and avocado as well as a cheesecake brownie. Both look quite decent and appetizing.


Breakfast Thieves is also pretty cozy for those catching up moments with your friends as well as doing some work. The place also have power plug and wifi so it’s definitely a plus point for me. I do really appreciate a cafe with those two things as I don’t find many cafes with that fulfill those 2 criteria in KL.


Overall, I’d give this cafe a 7/10 for the quality of the food and the ambience. I would really recommend this place to stay and just do some work as they have some cozy corner as well. The service quality from the staffs are also good. Not that I’ve been to many brunch places in KL but dare I say from the brunch places I’ve been to in here, this is one of the best besides Merchant’s Lane.

If you’ve been to this place before, tell me what you think about it and how’s your overall experience in the comment section. I’d love to hear about it and I’d love to get recommendation on where to go next as well.


Thank you for reading and see you guys in the next post then 🙂