Book Review – Anna and the French Kiss

This is the second book I’ve finished before I went for vacation and it is one of the cutest book I’ve ever read. This is one of the most hyped contemporary book in the blogger and booktuber world. Everybody seems to be talking about this book. I haven’t heard any bad reviews about this book.

The story is about Anna who just moved to SOAP ( School of America in Paris ). I’m already excited when i read Paris. Anna met this wonderful British student, Etienne StClair. When i read British, I become more and more excited, like what more can you asked from this book. The rest of the story is about push and pull of Anna’s love story with Etienne StClair.

This book is a very sweet contemporary book. It’s actually a very cliché book. A love story between a new girl in Paris with the perfectly handsome guy. You can guess how the story goes but it’s just so cute. It’s just an easy breezy feel good book. I find this enjoyable especially after reading a whole fantasy book. This book is just a light reading. It will be best to read this after reading a sad book or a rather hard books. I will suggest this book for people from 15 onwards.

There is still 2 more books that have a teeny tiny connection to this book and I’m going to grab it as soon as possible. After I finished reading those books I will review it. Meanwhile, I will review every other book I have just done reading.






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