Book Review – The Graveyard Book


I finished the book quite a while ago but I haven’t got the time to write a proper review for this book due to vacation. I went to Penang for around a week and I grab lots of books while i visit the city. The books there is cheaper than books here in Singapore. I will make another post about the books I bought there. Stay tune !

The graveyard book is a great book. Neil Gaiman really did a great job on writing this book. The idea of this book is completely different from other books. It is completely an original plot line. The storyline is not what i expected it would be ( yes, i like to make an expectation of a book ). At first i don’t like it but when i reached the middle of the book it is so amazing. I find myself keep on grabbing the book when i have a leisure time. If you give up on reading the book before you reach the middle of it, please don’t. Just try to read until the middle of the book but if you still don’t find it enjoyable, then it’s okay. Everybody got different taste on books.

This book is about a childhood of a boy called Nobody Owens who spend his entire childhood on a graveyard. His parents was killed by an assassin and that assassin is still out looking for him. Owens was taken care by the ghosts who lived in that graveyard. That’s all I’m going to tell you about the story line inside this book. You can read the rest yourself.

I love this book, I really do but I feel if I read it back when I was a little kid, I might have enjoy the book more. This book is a children fiction but everybody can still read it and enjoy the book. I will suggest people aged from 8 onwards to read this book. This book helps children to have a little dark, funny, and crazy adventure of themselves.

The illustrations of this book was drew by Dave Mckean. It was amazing ! The illustration really pictured what was told in the book. I love the pictures so much. It really helped me to picture how the characters in the story looks like. He really did a great job !

Okay, that’s all I’m gonna talk about this book. If you’re interested, hurry up and grab the book on your nearest bookstore !




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