Movie Review – The Fault in Our Stars


You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world…but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.”
― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars

For the people who don’t know what this movie is all about and what’s the fuss about this movie then please click the link down below and read it first.


If you get interested or don’t want to read, just watched the video below and be amazed.

I cannot explain any further how excited I am when I knew this movie is coming out this month. I’ve been waiting for this movie for like forever. Honestly speaking, this book is not my favorite of John Green’s book. I like Looking for Alaska more than this one. Nevertheless, it doesn’t lessen my affection and excitement for this movie.

I love John Green’s book for the good words and touching stories he wrote. He was such a humble and inspiring author and I love the books he wrote ( I’ve only read 2 of his books and I like both of them ). I love how you can see his vlogs from youtube. It makes his fans feel closer to him.

Enough with the book and author, now let’s talk about the movie. Before I watched the movie, I watched lots of short clips from the movie on youtube including the trailer and extended trailer ( yes, that’s just how excited I am for the movie ). In one of those video I watched, John Green said that he’s happy with how the movie is and he said that the movie is so faithful to the book itself. I finally get to watched the movie yesterday night and I totally agree with his comments about the movie. The movie is very faithful to the book. There are, of course some small differences between the book and the movie, like Isaac supposed to be blond but in the movie he is not but the point is, the movie captured all the important points in the book and that is all that matters.

Ansel Elgort plays the role of Augustus Waters amazingly. He did an amazing amazing job. He captured the funny, cool, and smart images of Gus perfectly. At first, I’m not sure whether he’s the right person to play as Gus but when I watched the trailer and the movie, I knew he’s the perfect one. Don’t get me wrong, I love Elgort even when he still plays in the movie ‘Carrie’ but he never play a role of someone like Gus and that’s just it but anyway he proves that I’m wrong because he’s amazing as Gus. Shailene Woodley is beyond my expectation. Like Elgort, I also thought she’s not the best choice to play Hazel Grace Lancaster because I thought she seems like such a strong woman, too strong to play a role as a teen with cancer. She again proves that she can nail the role. She did a wonderful job playing Hazel. Let’s not forget Isaac, he is also an important character in the book. Aside from not being blond, Nat Wolff did a great job playing Isaac. He just portrayed the image of Isaac amazingly. Overall, I am satisfied with the movie.

For everyone who didn’t trust the chemistry between the main actor and actress just because they play as siblings in Divergent, please don’t. They are amazing and trust me, you’ll find yourself laughing and crying when you watched them act in the movie.





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