June 2014 Book Haul

Before you read more from this post, I just want to tell you that this is a really huge book haul. I went crazy last month because of vacation and book fair. There is also a 20% off at Kinokuniya Bookstore here in Singapore for privilege card holder. I just went mad and bought too many books in one month and now, I’m trying to survive with a little money left after the crazy book shopping. Anyway what’s done cannot be undone. So here is my very huge book haul and I hope you can find some interesting books here.

I started off the first week with a short vacation in Penang. The books there are much cheaper than Singapore but it’s not as complete as the bookstores they have here in Singapore. I bought several books there because why not, the books are cheap and all, plus I’m with my parents so yeah… Here are some books that I got in Penang.

Next are some books that I got from book fair. I found some books that I’ve been looking for a long time and end up buying 12 books. The book is very cheap in there, they sell it for SGD 6 for most books.





I was going to do a book-banned session after buying too many books on book fair but the universe seems to disagree with me because Kinokuniya bookstore is doing a 20% off that month. I end up buying some more books. After June I’m going to stop buying books for probably the rest of the year. Here are the books I got from Kinokuniya.



Lastly is something I received from goodreads giveaway. A bunch of thanks for picking me as a winner.

That’s all my book haul for June. I hope you find something good to read from my post.




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