Book Review – The Maze Runner ( The Maze Runner #1 )

I’ve read this book ages ago and I’ve just got the chance to post a review now. I’m in a long hiatus because of final exam which I’m not sure how the result would be. I pray for the best for my result.

I knew the movie is coming soon on the theatre and I am very much interested when I saw the trailer. The story line looks interesting and I decided that I want to read the book first before I go to watch the movie. I have no regrets picking up this series. This book turns out to be so amazing and I just can’t wait to read the second one. I’ll read the book as soon as possible.

The Maze Runner is about a boy called Thomas who woke up and find himself in an unknown place. There are other boys mostly around his age who lived in that place. The odd thing about that place is that there is a huge maze where several boys went in running in hope that they can solve the maze and got out from that strange place. Everything changed when a girl, the only girl arrived on that place and the first thing that came out from her mouth is about Thomas.

I will keep my review short and simple. Honestly, when I first started reading this book, I hated the main character. I find him so selfish and impatient. I just don’t get why he couldn’t understand that everyone is at the same position as him. When he finally changed, at least he got less selfish and less impatient and well less annoying, I found myself cheering for him in my heart so he can win the bad guys.

The book is very fast paced. Every single time I flipped the page, I find myself wondering what would happened next. The story got more and more Interesting when the girl appeared. She makes you wonder who is she. Is she good or evil and things like that. This book really trigger my curiosity.

At the end, I find myself liking the book. It was a good read after all. My advice is bare with the several first chapters and if you find the character unloveable then please bare with it and read until the middle part of the book and find yourself wanting to read more of the book.

I would suggest the book for people who loved The Hunger Games series and all Dystopian novels fans. Give this book a chance, you’ll probably like it like I do.




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