Movie Review – Into the Storm

I went to watch this movie around 2 weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to make a review about it as soon as I finished watching the movie but the internet sucks at that time. After that I’ve been kind of lazy to write things up so I ended up lazying around watching some tv series and old movies.

The movie is in my opinion just okay. I’ve read some bad reviews about the movie but actually I find myself to enjoy the movie. Yes, it was not a very good movie but at some point the movie is okay. Here is one thing about the movie that probably people did not enjoy, it was all about a storm, chasing storm, getting out of storm, that kind of thing. The movie is more like a documentary instead of fiction.

The story line is not very interesting for me but I do like the movie effect. The storms, the explosion, it look so real to me. I don’t have any experience with storms before nor that I’ve seen it in real life so if you don’t think that it doesn’t look real, please understand my situation. The characters are okay. The actors and actresses acting are not that bad and I actually feel kind of glad for them at the very end of the movie when the storm are gone. After all, this movie is okay.

I would recommend this movie for people who love found-footage movie and movie about storm.




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