Book Review – The Summer I Turned Pretty

I’ve seen this book a million times in the book store yet I’ve never picked it up until I read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before which also written by Jenny Han, I finally decided to picked this book up. When I finally read it, I don’t regret picking this book up. It really is such a sweet and lovely book.

I always love good contemporary books, they give me such a sweet feelings when I’m done reading them. They leave some feel-good feeling I guess. I’m not sure if that’s even a correct term but you know what I mean. This book is one of those good contemporary books that give you such a good feeling when you are reading them.

This novel is about a girl called Belly. She always go to a summer house every summer with her mother and brother. They always stays there with Susannah and her boys, Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly has always been in love with Conrad for so long and all this time those boys have always thought of her as a little sister but this summer everything change.

I really really like how Jenny Han writes this book although there are some part where I get confused of at first. I got confused because the author constantly change the point of view. Overall, I’m very happy with how the story goes and how the words are put together decently.

The storyline are very sweet. Some people finds the main protagonist, Belly, annoying but I feel like she’s not that irritating. Of course, in some parts of the novel she can become such a brat but there are also some parts where she is very sweet. I feel like it’s very normal for a character to behave that way. The boys are absolutely lovely. Conrad, Jeremiah, and Steven are perfect for this novel. The cool, the kind, and the playful boys. They make most of the book very enjoyable.

All in all, I just love this book. It’s a good book and I’m looking forward on reading the next book. I’m very excited to see what happened to the characters in the next book. I hope it’s going to be as good as the first book or better. I’d recommend this book for people who love contemporary and people from 12 onwards.




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