Movie Review – Lucy

I watched this movie a week ago with two good friends of mine. I have no idea what this movie is about until I saw the poster in the cinema. It turns out to be a very interesting movie and we all find it very enjoyable.

Here are my short summary of the movie. Lucy was kidnapped by some drug dealers. The drug dealers are developing a new drugs that can increase human brain usage. Those drugs were put inside Lucy’s stomach to be smuggled overseas. Accidentally, those drugs enter Lucy’s blood vessels and she experienced an increase in her brain usage.

I find this movie especially interesting because I really love the plotting of the movie. The concept is very unique and I’ve never seen a movie like this before. This is indeed a good sci-fi movie.

The main character, Lucy, are very loveable. She is that good girl who turns into a badass woman and rule the world. Okay, i’m exaggerating here. She doesn’t rule the world but then she is really awesome. Scarlett Johansson really is the perfect actress for this character. She acted wonderfully.

I find the ending of the movie rather surprising. I didn’t expect that to happen but then there it is happening that way. I’m not disappointed though, just a bit surprised.

This is the kind of movie that make me feel a bit smarter after leaving the cinema. It’s not that I’m really getting smarter or anything but you know, it’s just the feeling. I would recommend this movie for people who love sci-fi, because seriously this is a good sci-fi movie and also people from 13 onwards. I hope you find it as enjoyable as I do.




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