Book Review – The Julian Chapter : A Wonder Story

I am so excited when I know that this book is coming out. It took me the longest time ever to know that this book actually exist. I’ve been waiting for a new book from R.J. Palacio because damn, I love Wonder so much. It’s one of my all time favorite book.

This book is about Julian’s perspective about what he feels happened in his life with the appearance of August Pullman. You need to read Wonder first before reading this. This is a companion book of Wonder. I don’t think you’ll understand the point of the story in this book if you don’t read Wonder first. Heads up, Julian is the bully in Wonder.

To be brutally honest, nothing really changed my perspective about Julian in this book. I still think he’s a bully but now i know that he doesn’t really understand that what he did is bullying. I’m not a fond fan of Julian’s parents either. I think partly Julian’s action is his parents fault. They didn’t warn him that what he did was wrong until almost the very last part of the book. Judge me however you like, but I just don’t like bullies. I do understand that Julian is scared of Auggie but then that’s not the right thing to do when you are scared. That’s not the right thing to do when you have a nightmare about a person. It’s just so wrong to bully people. Your nightmare is not real. I wish Julian’s parents told their kid that. The only person I thought did the best thing in this book is Julian’s grandma. She’s the one who can open the kid’s mind to really reflect his action. You go grandmère !

After all I like this book, not that I love it a lot but It’s a great thing to know that someone can reflect their action and become a better human. I think this book is a great companion to Wonder. It helps us to understand that sometimes kids don’t understand their action and there are times when parents need to take a strong action to help them understand it. It’s a great reminder that every person can change and humanity is indeed still alive.

I would recommend this book for people who love Wonder and children books. I would say that this book is appropriate for people from 7 onwards.





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