Book Review – A Silent Prayer

The author sent me this book in exchange for an honest review. First of all, I’d like to thank the author for sending me this book. I’m new in this book blogging world yet she sent me her book to be reviewed. Thanks a lot ! I really appreciate it.

I finished this book almost a week ago but I haven’t got time to review it because I’ve got a job opportunity which I’m very thankful that I got it. It’s such a wonderful experience. When I finally got time to review the book, my internet went down for some reasons that until now, I still don’t know why.

At first I thought this book is a heavy kind of book but the truth is when I read the first page I already knew that it’s not that kind of book. I cannot say that this is a light read as well but I think it’s in between heavy and light reading.

This book is about a girl called Rania who met with the CEO of Gibson Enterprises, Adam Gibson. She is a very religious girl while Adam on the other hand, is an atheist. Despite being an atheist he is very kind towards other people especially people who are in need. Everything got complicated when he falls for Rania, who has a very different background from him.

There are so much more in this book than just a story. This book introduce us to Islamic culture and how it differs from the western culture. It also make us understand that believing in God is not only worshipping Him, but also do good deeds in our life.

The story line is okay. At first it is so hard for me to get into the book. The first part is rather boring for me but when I get into the middle to the end, there are so much mysteries to unfold and the relationship between the characters has grown well. The main male character in this story has got pretty much everything that most girls ever wanted in a guy. I could say that the main male character are so much like those guy in Korean dramas, handsome, sweet and very romantic.

The romance and the supernatural part are the part that I liked the most in this book. There are a lot more mysteries in this book than how I imagine it would be.

After all, this is quite a nice book to read. I’m going to suggest this book for people who love romance and supernatural books, and also people from 16 onwards.




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