Movie Review – Hercules

I get to watched this movie last Friday. It’s a family movie night and my dad want to watched this movie so we finally decided to go and watched this one. I clearly have not much expectation for this movie because there are already another Hercules adaptation movie this year plus I’m not a big fan of anybody in this movie.

Hercules is about a man who is very strong and have been to many battle. He won lots of battle and become a legend. Most people believed that he is the son of Zeus which means he is half human and half god or called demigod. But, is it true that he is a demigod?

There, hopefully you get the point of the story from my short and simple yet i don’t know whether it’s a confusing synopsis or not. Well, this movie turns out to be beyond my expectation. Before I watched the movie I thought it’s going to be another Hercules adaptation movie. The truth is it was not. It is not about Hercules journey like the one that is told in the Greek mythology which I absolutely adore. This one is completely different. It tells the truth about Hercules instead of the usual legend.

I am honestly impressed by the idea of the movie. It is not just the usual Hercules story but it was more than that. The story doesn’t only tell about Hercules but also his sidekicks that has been a great help to him. The story itself is well quite interesting but I was honestly expecting more than just that. There are some elements of comedy in the movie not just action and I need to say that I always love when there is a comedy in a movie.

The characters as well as the people portraying it are good though I prefer if the ‘Hercules’ didn’t wear that lion/chimera hat because honestly it looks ridiculous on him. It just doesn’t fit him well and that is my thought every time I watched him wear that hat on the movie. I love the character Atalanta the most. She’s just that bad-ass girl who is very fierce and very strong.

Overall, I’ll give this movie a 2.5 out of 5 stars. It was not that great but at the end of the movie I realized that I actually like the movie. It’s just after all, a very relaxing weekend with my family accompanied with a quite entertaining movie.

I will suggest this movie for people who love greek mythology adaptation movie as well as people from 10 onwards.




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