Book Review – It’s not Summer Without You

I finished this book yesterday. If you read my posts before, I’ve mentioned that I got a job opportunity last week and I haven’t got that much time to read. It’s actually not a job opportunity though, I considered it as helping a friend of mine.

This book is the second book of the Summer Trilogy. You can read my review for the first book in here

I always adore Jenny Han’s writing and as always she can create those cute atmosphere in a book with cute boys and all. In this book she did that again. I seriously can’t get enough of Conrad and Jeremiah. They are both very cute and I really love how their character grows in each book. I wish Steven appears more in this book because I also really like his character but it’s okay there is still another book. I hope he appears more in there. The character Belly are more mature in this book. She’s not as childish as she was in the first book.

There are less conflict in this book compared to the first book in the trilogy. The story is more flat than the first one but this is the second book and that is what usually happened in the second one right? So, I’m completely fine with that. There is another conflict at the ending of the book, a rather big one I supposed and I’m pretty sure there is going to be more of that conflict in the last book.

Well, for me this book is nice. I always love those summer contemporary novels and I love this one. I still don’t know which book is the best from the Trilogy but I’ll tell you as soon as I finished the trilogy. So far this series is very enjoyable. I’m not going to read the third book after this because I get kind of bored from reading a lot of contemporary lately so I think I’m going to switch to a fantasy book before I start reading the final book of the Summer Trilogy.

It’s a very short review here, I hope you find something helpful here because I’m not actually sure how to review this book if I haven’t read the whole series. I just want to let you know my after thought after reading this book. The complete review will be up after I finished the last book of the series. Stay tune !




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