Movie Review – The Maze Runner

I’ve been slacking off these days. I’ve been wanting to make a review for this movie but I got stuck watching Agents of Shield which is truly truly awesome ! Anyway this post isn’t about that TV series but it’s about a movie that I watched last week which is The Maze Runner. I highly anticipate this movie and I have a very high expectation for The Maze Runner movie. Just a heads up, I read the novel and I really love it but I don’t want this post to be about the difference of the movie from the novel because in every novel adaptation, there will always be a difference. I decided that I will make a review only about the movie and become as objective as possible then at the very end of the post I will tell you the difference and some parts of the movie that didn’t meet my expectation.

This movie is about a guy called Thomas who woke up and find himself in a box that’s heading up. He got no memory except his name. Nobody in that place seems to know anything except their name and they’ve been trying to find a way out for years. All this time they all think that the only way out from that place is the maze. Everything changed when Thomas and a girl arrived.

That’s not exactly the best synopsis of the movie but if you want to know more just watch the trailer.

I love the characters in this movie. They are all very loveable and I think that the actors and actresses suit the character they played very nicely. The storyline is nice and very fast paced. It makes you wonder what happened next. At some point, I do feel like the story goes too fast and I’m hoping there are more explanation on why that happened.I also love the settings and the movie effects. It looks so real.

Overall, I think the movie is enjoyable to watched and I didn’t regret watching the movie. Although I feel there are some flaws in this movie but I think it’s still worth to watch. This movie did not meet my expectation because I was hoping more details in the movie but turns out there are not much details in the movie. My friend who already watched it told me that it was really good and she went home still wondering about that movie which is for me a sign that a movie is really really good. I think I’m a bit disappointed because I have a very high expectation about the movie.

As I promised, here are some differences between the novel and the movie. I won’t make a spoiler on what is the differences in case you want to read the novel so I’m just going to point out the time. The ending is a bit different from the book, it’s not as detail and not as i don’t know, intriguing perhaps, as the book. I was really looking forward for the ending when I watched the movie but turns out it’s a bit different. The good thing about the movie is the main character doesn’t annoy me at all instead, he’s a very lovely character. In the book, I find him very annoying at the beginning but I end up liking him at the end of the book.

I suggest this movie for people who love fantasy, YA and dystopian movies and books. I also suggest this for people from 12 onwards.




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