Book Review – We’ll Always Have Summer

I’m going to talk about a couple things in this post. First, I’m going to write about what I think about the book itself and second I will write about what I think about the whole series.

I finished the book around last week. It’s such a captivating read that I cannot stop reading the book. This is officially my favorite book in the series. The story is so beautiful and really light. It’s the perfect end of series book.

It’s the end of summer. It’s actually always summer here in my home country and also back in Singapore. After all, they are tropical countries but the mood really change because it’s near October and October means Halloween. I’m on the mood for some fantasy, crime/thriller, and horror book during this month because again, it’s almost halloween. We’ll always have summer is actually really perfect to end my summer. By the way, I literally will always have summer because I live in a tropical country hahaha..

The storyline of the book is very interesting. I think this book has the best storyline than the other two in the series. The story is very heartwarming and It’s just a book that gives you a nice feeling. Actually the whole series give you that nice feeling but I just like this book best. The ending makes me feel happy and that is very important for the book and the whole series. A bad ending could ruin a lot of things.

The character are lovely as always and I just really like Conrad in this book. He is a bit different than in the other books. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like his character in this book are much nicer and warmer than the other books in the series. Anyway, I always like him from book one but I like him even more in this book. Go team Conrad !

The overall of the book is nice. I’d give the series a 3.5 stars. I love the characters and the stories. The settings of the book are also very lovely. Every time I imagine the summer house, I always imagine it to be like one of the houses in the Hamptons. I imagine it like Emily Thorne’s house in the TV series ‘Revenge’, simple, white, and neat. It seems like a very lovely house. I’d love to live in that kind of house someday. This series is indeed a very lovely and heart warming series.

There are no more words to describe this series except that I love it. I’m going to pick up more books by Jenny Han because she is such an amazing author. I love how she write her words down and I have no regrets picking this series up.

I will suggest this series for people from 13 onwards and people who love contemporary books especially summer contemporaries.




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