Book Review – Mark of Athena ( Heroes of Olympus #3 )

This is obviously a late review as I’m seriously not in the mood for reviewing books and movies in the past couple of months. I do finished off a couple of books and watched a couple of movies the last 2 months but I either have no time to do review or at that time I’m just not in the mood.

Anyway, I read this book back on October. As you know if you read my previous posts, I read the second book in this series during my university break back in September and I really really enjoy it. It’s one of my favourite book in the series. As soon as I got back to Singapore and before uni life starts again, I finished reading Mark of the Athena. Here are what I think about the book :

First of all, I need to say that this is not my favourite book in the series. I read and watch some reviews about this on the internet and most people seems to like this book best. I for one do not think that this is the best book in the series.

This book is exciting to read. I like it, but I wouldn’t say that I love it. There are a lot of actions in this book and the chemistry between the character are starting to grow as well. I guess the reason I don’t like this as much as the previous book because I expect to read more from each character but because there are so many characters in this book, I only get a little bit of everyone. Nevertheless, this book is still very enjoyable to read. I mean, how could I not love a book with actions, romance, greek mythology, and humour? It’s like no way I’m not enjoying this book.

The writing style is as always, stunning. I just love how Rick Riordan wrote the stories. I always love that he used several point of views instead of one. I just adore his writing style.

All in all, this book is an enjoyable one. I like it but I don’t think this is the best book in the series so far as I like the previous one better than this. I’d recommend this book for people who love greek mythology fantasy books and people from 10 onwards.

PS : I’m sorry if I write such a short review on this one as I just starting to get back on writing review and it’s just a whee bit hard to write when I stopped writing for some time, plus I read this book some time ago and I might missed out the more detailed part for this book. I still thoroughly hope that you guys enjoy reading this though.




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