Reading Playlist 101

Hello everyone,

Just to prove that I’m in fact, still alive and breathing, here is a playlist for all of you that I made last week. It’s a pretty chill playlist to accompany all of you while reading. I don’t know about you but I love listening to chilling music while reading and I found a couple of good songs to share with you to listen to while reading.

Just a bit of a random rants here, I’ve been having reading slumps for almost a month. Yes guys, it happened again. I’ve just been so engrossed in Korean drama and I’ve been watching it non-stop. I’ve just stopped a couple days ago and get back into reading again which makes me feel really good. This is also the reason why I haven’t been posting a lot lately in this blog. There will be a couple of reviews coming up this week and I hope I won’t procrastinate so I can really post it this week.

I actually got some other things I wanted to write in this post yesterday but I forgot. My bad..

Anyway, have you listen to the playlist? What do you think? I hope you enjoy it. If you happened to read this post and like this playlist I made, please like this post or comment so I’ll know what you think.




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