Movie Review – Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice


I’m pretty sure this is a highly anticipated movie in 2016 but honestly I’m not one of those people who is really stoke to hear that this movie is coming out this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love superhero movies a lot but I’m not a fan of Superman and I don’t like the new Batman. Christian Bale is still the best Batman for me !

Although I don’t like Superman story ( I find the latest Superman movie boring ), I like the actor playing as Superman, Henry Cavill. I only started liking him when he acted in The Man from U.N.C.L.E which is by the way so freaking amazing. I can’t describe how much I love that movie. I’m still hoping there is a sequel to that movie. Long story short, I decided to watch this movie because Henry Cavill is in it. The trailer to this movie also make this movie look pretty interesting.


This is my honest opinion on this movie. I found this movie boring. Nothing really exciting happened during the first hour of the movie and I can only found myself enjoying the movie during the part when the Wonder Woman appear in the movie which is the last 30 minutes of the movie. The rest is just so flat and not that intriguing. It’s not like it’s so boring that you cannot watch it. It’s just I’d rather watch something else than this movie.

I also found the new Batman’s image is so different from other movies. I don’t know whether it was meant to be different because the actor playing it is different or what but I don’t really like it. I feel like it didn’t do Batman’s image any justice. One more thing to add is I feel like the new Bruce Wayne look much older. Is it how it is supposed to be or not? I didn’t read the comic book so I don’t know how it is supposed to be. I just find it a tad weird. Perhaps my opinion on this is a bit biased because I just love the Christian Bale’s version of Batman a lot.

The best thing on this movie for me is Lex Luthor. The actor playing Lex ( Jesse Eisenberg ) is amazing. I think his acting is brilliant and you can just feel how annoying and crazy Lex is.

I’m not saying that this movie is really bad, it’s just there are a lot better superhero movies out there in the market. Obviously, this is all based on personal preference. If you are like me and you don’t really like the latest superman movie and love the Christian Bale’s version of Batman too much, there might be a chance that you don’t like this movie as well.




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