Memories from Bali | Photo Journal



These last couple months have been a true blessing for me. I am able to travel to several different places with different group of people. This is my first travel destination during my term break period and it’s really really awesome.

I travel to Bali with several friends from uni and this has become one of the best trip I’ve ever experienced. They are truly amazing travel companions.

The first time I travel to Bali was back when I was still in primary school. Truth to be told I don’t really remember much from that trip. This time though, Bali has given me such an unforgettable memory. The chill vibes, the hipster cafes, the beaches, and the amazing culinary experience. We left Bali wanting more and more and it seems that no matter how long you stay in Bali, it will never be enough.

Do view my travel vlog to see the fun we had in Bali and to give you some insight on where to go during your stay if you are planning to head over to the amazing island. Please keep in mind that this is my first time making a vlog and I really hope to get some advice to improve more on making videos.





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