Movie Review – Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice


I’m pretty sure this is a highly anticipated movie in 2016 but honestly I’m not one of those people who is really stoke to hear that this movie is coming out this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love superhero movies a lot but I’m not a fan of Superman and I don’t like the new Batman. Christian Bale is still the best Batman for me !

Although I don’t like Superman story ( I find the latest Superman movie boring ), I like the actor playing as Superman, Henry Cavill. I only started liking him when he acted in The Man from U.N.C.L.E which is by the way so freaking amazing. I can’t describe how much I love that movie. I’m still hoping there is a sequel to that movie. Long story short, I decided to watch this movie because Henry Cavill is in it. The trailer to this movie also make this movie look pretty interesting.


This is my honest opinion on this movie. I found this movie boring. Nothing really exciting happened during the first hour of the movie and I can only found myself enjoying the movie during the part when the Wonder Woman appear in the movie which is the last 30 minutes of the movie. The rest is just so flat and not that intriguing. It’s not like it’s so boring that you cannot watch it. It’s just I’d rather watch something else than this movie.

I also found the new Batman’s image is so different from other movies. I don’t know whether it was meant to be different because the actor playing it is different or what but I don’t really like it. I feel like it didn’t do Batman’s image any justice. One more thing to add is I feel like the new Bruce Wayne look much older. Is it how it is supposed to be or not? I didn’t read the comic book so I don’t know how it is supposed to be. I just find it a tad weird. Perhaps my opinion on this is a bit biased because I just love the Christian Bale’s version of Batman a lot.

The best thing on this movie for me is Lex Luthor. The actor playing Lex ( Jesse Eisenberg ) is amazing. I think his acting is brilliant and you can just feel how annoying and crazy Lex is.

I’m not saying that this movie is really bad, it’s just there are a lot better superhero movies out there in the market. Obviously, this is all based on personal preference. If you are like me and you don’t really like the latest superman movie and love the Christian Bale’s version of Batman too much, there might be a chance that you don’t like this movie as well.




Movie Review – Cinderella

As a kid growing up watching Disney’s cartoons, I’ve alway love princesses and there is no exception for Cinderella. This movie is packed with fairy tales, colours, and magic, and don’t forget the dream comes true. Everything in this movie is so beautiful. I especially love the castle, the dress, and the glass slippers.

I watched this movie a couple weeks ago and I personally love it. The story is the same old same old Cinderella story but there is a small difference in the movie which I won’t tell you so you’ll watch it yourself to find out plus I want to make a spoiler free review.

I’ve been anticipating this movie for a while and when I finally get to watch it, I was so so happy. I personally like this one better than Maleficent. I don’t even know why, I think I just love it when the movie stays true to the original story and this one does.

I just need to say that the props in this movie are very pretty and dreamy. The shoes and the blue dress that Cinderella wore to the ball is phenomenal. It’s just so grand and so pretty and something that a princess would wear.

The overall of the movie was good. I love it and I really like the casts of the movie. I think that they are the right choices for this movie.

I don’t have much more words for this movie because I just really like it. It’s a typical Cinderella movie but it gives me that same magical feeling that the Disney’s cartoon version gives me back when I was a kid. I think this movie is a good reminder for our childhood. If you want to get those nostalgic childhood feelings, I suggest you to watch this movie !



Movie Review – Chappie

I watched this movie at the beginning of this month just because all movies that I anticipated hasn’t came out. I expect nothing from this movie, in fact, I expect it to be boring since the last movies about robots that I watched bored me. I’ve been wanting to make a review for this for ages but I just can’t seem to get my hands on it. I don’t even know why since I actually got time to do the review. I don’t even know if you can still watch this movie in the cinema or not but I think it’s still playing in some cinemas.

This movie turns out to be okay. I thought I’m not gonna like this movie but it happens to be quite interesting. The movie is about Chappie, a robot who happened to be a successful artificial intelligence experiment. Chappie is a police robot that happened to be broken but later been used as a testing subject for artificial intelligence. The story gets interesting when Chappie fall into the gangster hand. Now, I’m not going to tell you more about the story since it won’t be fun if you don’t watch it by yourself.

When I think about this movie and how it might actually happened in real life, it scares me. Robots that can think for themselves and have feelings? It’s just so weird, fascinating and creepy at the same time because it might means that they might replace us in this world. It might be the end of mankind. If the robot is kind, sure, we can live happily together but what if they suddenly think to take over the planet. Pretty scary, huh? I think I imagine things too far.

The storyline is pretty okay but I find the ending a bit odd. The whole movie is just okay for me but it makes me think right after I finished watching it. The casts are actually what makes me interested in watching the movie. There is Hugh Jackman and Dev Patel which happened to play the two main characters in the movie.

If you have watched the movie, what do you think about it? And if you don’t, would you consider watching it?



Movie Review – Kingsman : The Secret Service

If you love movie as much as I am, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about this movie. I don’t know if it’s just in where I live but this movie has been a hype ! I’m pretty excited when I finally got to see the movie because you know, I just want to know what’s all the hype about this movie plus the trailer is pretty awesome.

The movie is definitely awesome. I was pretty skeptical at first because I have a high expectation for this movie but damn this movie pass my expectation. The story is well done, the action is awesome, not to mention the awesome choice of casts and settings. I think I seriously love everything about this movie. I can’t even think of any bad things to criticise, not that I’m a professional critics or anything, but sometimes I’d like to point out things I don’t like in a movie review.

Let me just say that the storyline is so great. It’s not too simple nor complicated just the perfect amount of it. I don’t know if I had mention it here that I have a major love for action movie especially if it is related to spy, agent, or other things similar to that. I like the concept of the movie because it’s pretty different from other action movie except James Bond series as the agents are gentlemen. It’s been a while since I watched a movie with this kind of concept. I also love the little comedy bits in this movie. I think it makes the movie much more fun to watched.

The characters are also played very well. I think all characters harmonised the story and make it a wonderful movie to watch. I love the actors and actresses choices in this movie as they act nicely. They make the whole movie experience so enjoyable.

I cannot say much about this movie as it is such an awesome movie and no words can describe how much I like this movie. I think this is by far my favourite movie in this year but this year is not over so I’m anticipating more good movies. I really hope there will be a sequel to this movie because no doubt I’m going to watch it. I’d suggest this movie for people who love action movies.



Movie Review – Dragon Blade

Wow, I feel like I haven’t make a post here for forever. It’s been a long time, I guess, since I wrote here, almost a month. Now that i’m back, I’ll wrote down some reviews for books and movies that I read and watched, plus I’m in a super long break from uni anyway.

Last Sunday, I happened to watch a movie called Dragon Blade in the cinema. It’s a historical action movie starring Jackie Chan, John Cusack, and Adrien Brody. I have no idea what this movie is about when I went to watched it. I didn’t watch the trailer or ready the synopsis. Basically, I knew nothing except that Jackie Chan is in this movie and usually his movie is good.

The movie itself is very interesting. I really like the idea of the movie and how the story goes. I love how it is about the chinese and the romans. Don’t you think it’s interesting? Even the fact that the movie is about those 2 countries is very intriguing for me. Actually, it’s not only those 2 countries, there are also others that happened to locate in the silk road region as well. I think, the most interesting thing to see is how those people with different race and different culture can blend in together and how they are not that different.

I love the casts as well. I really feel that they portray the character nicely. Jackie Chan acting is no doubt amazing as always. I love that he mostly have the humor bits in this movie. I always appreciate funny scenes because I just love it when it makes me laugh. John Cusack and Adrien Brody also did a great job. The character’s emotion is perfectly portrayed by them. The other casts also did very well and all of them makes this movie very enjoyable to watch.

All in all, this movie is very enjoyable to watch as the story and the characters are really well done. I would suggest this movie for people who love Jackie Chan’s previous movies as well as people who love historical action movie.



Movie Review – The Maze Runner

I’ve been slacking off these days. I’ve been wanting to make a review for this movie but I got stuck watching Agents of Shield which is truly truly awesome ! Anyway this post isn’t about that TV series but it’s about a movie that I watched last week which is The Maze Runner. I highly anticipate this movie and I have a very high expectation for The Maze Runner movie. Just a heads up, I read the novel and I really love it but I don’t want this post to be about the difference of the movie from the novel because in every novel adaptation, there will always be a difference. I decided that I will make a review only about the movie and become as objective as possible then at the very end of the post I will tell you the difference and some parts of the movie that didn’t meet my expectation.

This movie is about a guy called Thomas who woke up and find himself in a box that’s heading up. He got no memory except his name. Nobody in that place seems to know anything except their name and they’ve been trying to find a way out for years. All this time they all think that the only way out from that place is the maze. Everything changed when Thomas and a girl arrived.

That’s not exactly the best synopsis of the movie but if you want to know more just watch the trailer.

I love the characters in this movie. They are all very loveable and I think that the actors and actresses suit the character they played very nicely. The storyline is nice and very fast paced. It makes you wonder what happened next. At some point, I do feel like the story goes too fast and I’m hoping there are more explanation on why that happened.I also love the settings and the movie effects. It looks so real.

Overall, I think the movie is enjoyable to watched and I didn’t regret watching the movie. Although I feel there are some flaws in this movie but I think it’s still worth to watch. This movie did not meet my expectation because I was hoping more details in the movie but turns out there are not much details in the movie. My friend who already watched it told me that it was really good and she went home still wondering about that movie which is for me a sign that a movie is really really good. I think I’m a bit disappointed because I have a very high expectation about the movie.

As I promised, here are some differences between the novel and the movie. I won’t make a spoiler on what is the differences in case you want to read the novel so I’m just going to point out the time. The ending is a bit different from the book, it’s not as detail and not as i don’t know, intriguing perhaps, as the book. I was really looking forward for the ending when I watched the movie but turns out it’s a bit different. The good thing about the movie is the main character doesn’t annoy me at all instead, he’s a very lovely character. In the book, I find him very annoying at the beginning but I end up liking him at the end of the book.

I suggest this movie for people who love fantasy, YA and dystopian movies and books. I also suggest this for people from 12 onwards.



Movie Review – Hercules

I get to watched this movie last Friday. It’s a family movie night and my dad want to watched this movie so we finally decided to go and watched this one. I clearly have not much expectation for this movie because there are already another Hercules adaptation movie this year plus I’m not a big fan of anybody in this movie.

Hercules is about a man who is very strong and have been to many battle. He won lots of battle and become a legend. Most people believed that he is the son of Zeus which means he is half human and half god or called demigod. But, is it true that he is a demigod?

There, hopefully you get the point of the story from my short and simple yet i don’t know whether it’s a confusing synopsis or not. Well, this movie turns out to be beyond my expectation. Before I watched the movie I thought it’s going to be another Hercules adaptation movie. The truth is it was not. It is not about Hercules journey like the one that is told in the Greek mythology which I absolutely adore. This one is completely different. It tells the truth about Hercules instead of the usual legend.

I am honestly impressed by the idea of the movie. It is not just the usual Hercules story but it was more than that. The story doesn’t only tell about Hercules but also his sidekicks that has been a great help to him. The story itself is well quite interesting but I was honestly expecting more than just that. There are some elements of comedy in the movie not just action and I need to say that I always love when there is a comedy in a movie.

The characters as well as the people portraying it are good though I prefer if the ‘Hercules’ didn’t wear that lion/chimera hat because honestly it looks ridiculous on him. It just doesn’t fit him well and that is my thought every time I watched him wear that hat on the movie. I love the character Atalanta the most. She’s just that bad-ass girl who is very fierce and very strong.

Overall, I’ll give this movie a 2.5 out of 5 stars. It was not that great but at the end of the movie I realized that I actually like the movie. It’s just after all, a very relaxing weekend with my family accompanied with a quite entertaining movie.

I will suggest this movie for people who love greek mythology adaptation movie as well as people from 10 onwards.